For the 12th year Santas WorkShop will be at the Poughkeepsie Plaza, 2600 South Road, Poughkeepsie NY . . . . . . . and . . . . . for the second year we will be in the Mattress Firm Store. Again, we thank Mattress Firm for allowing us use of the space.

… views of this year’s WorkShop …

This bear has been with us for three years now. He came with a girl to visit Santa & was left in Santa’s care. This year he wears his sweater, jeans & tie to welcome all visitors.

Our toy animal tree is in the far corner. The Santa climbing the ladder is new this year.

The fireplace makes its annual visit … the sleeping dog & the bear with snowshoes are new this year.

Santa’s work area has many distractions … the new HO Christmas Train is off to the right.

Santa’s WorkShop

… this info is locked at the top … scroll down for some of this year’s visitors . .. For the 11th year Santa’s WorkShop will be at the Poughkeepsie Plaza, 2600 South Road. Due to remodeling in the Plaza the workshop is located in the corner of the Mattress Firm Store at the south end. Thanks to Mattress Firm for allowing us to use the space.

As usual, believers of all ages are welcome (as well as well behaved pets). Feel free to stop in anytime for a candy cane or just to say hi!

Hours are 10 am – 7 pm Monday – Saturday & 11 am – 7 pm on Sunday.

If you can’t make it in by 7 pm email Santa: SantasImage(at)mac(dot)com.

Santa’s 2018 WorkShop

Santa’s WorkShop will still be in the Poughkeepsie Plaza this year. Since there are no empty stores available the WorkShop will be in the Mattress Firm store. The WorkShop will be in a corner next to a window so you will be able to see in from the parking lot. A big thanks to Mattress Firm for letting us use some space. Opening day will be Saturday November 10th at 10 am. The elves will start setting the WorkShop up around the first of November. If you are in the area feel free to stop in and see how the setup is going. The elves are always looking for a reason to take a cookie break.